Amazing Development: Toddlers


To be a toddler teacher is to be witness to an incredible burst of energy and development! There is an incredible amount of growth and development that happens in children between the ages of 12 and 36 months. This course takes a deep dive into toddler development; building knowledge about the milestones that typically emerge during this period. With a greater understanding of typical development, teachers can plan developmentally appropriate interactions, scaffold learning with “just-right” experiences, and identify possible delays in their classroom. Teachers will build knowledge about the general topic of developmental milestones and specifically about the growth and developmental during the ages of 12 – 36 months. As teachers deepen their understanding of what can be expected from toddlers, they can identify delays, and support their development by planning “just right” interactions and activities. This course aligns with CDA Subject Area 7, and it is worth 0.4 CEU's.


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