Autism 101

100 % of 100

Once considered a rare disorder, recent studies on autism prevalence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that is far from true. Most of us likely know someone – a friend’s child, a neighbor, a family member, a student – who has been diagnosed. The “phenomenon” of autism seeming to be everywhere leads to many questions: Is it becoming more common? What is it, anyway, and what causes it? Is there a cure? What are some strategies for working with a child who has autism who is already in your early childhood classroom? Autism 101: The Basics, attempts to answer these questions and more. We hope that after taking this course, you are not only more knowledgeable about autism but that you’re inspired by the incredible strengths of this very special group of individuals. This course aligns with CDA Subject Area 8, and it is worth 0.3 CEU's.